Beautiful Textures..

And she told me once
In a whisper,
Faint as her beautiful–
Her beautiful face spoke.. birds–
On a brittle, ever so young day,
You will love someone
Like you’ve loved no one else
Before then.
Tell me,
Before now–
Have you thought of this,
Have you thought of her?–
Of I?
Ever looked him in the eye..
Or in his–A memory of a child,
Of a child, Conscience.
Know I
Whether one will look upon…
The faces which she once was.
The faces which have long gone–


Photo Cred: Wally.


Do You See?

Do you see what I see?

I see crevices in places they shouldn’t be.
I see storms raging in this laid up vicinity.
A dying impetus–reticent laughs, propelling my insanity.

Why only I am wondering
When is my waking..
Is this ever ending?

We sailded upon sealed, devoid envelopes–
Rocks braced over iced slopes.
Ever tied ropes… over tied ropes!

Down to every valley,
Wandering amid stale, encroached alleys.
Wrung hands, deferred fence, with no tally.

These sunberries we feed ourselves..
Reaching over amassed, empty shelves.
Why were we content with treacherous, gossamer halves?

What is?

Do you not see what I see? …


Photo Cred: Wally.


Beneathe insulated cloaks of gloom–
From sought asylums
My lone, blithe soul, I retrieve;
This addendum of mind..
Of I.
Make their tongues bleed to ephemeron–
To eterne!
To desolate death, death..
Make their fingertips quiver upon
Unclad, raving flesh!
Soughs quench pain that is unquenchable …
Thoughts shatter against paltry, wretched walls–
Of wild misery?
He made me..
Of wild misery.
Breathe out the blaring of heinous fallacies–
Into silence.
Her sanctuary,
The noises;
The swollen faces..
Bare the thoughts of dreary
Anew, hitherto.
And see by heart,
What heart nills to see.


Photo Cred: Wally.

Who Am I..

I am a small replica.
Speak to me of you..
Of you; I am little you.
Tell me about her.
I am past you.

Can you heed our future?
Ask me; I can.
Read it in these very eyes.

They see right ahead..
Storms that yesterday has fed–
Gusts to which these feet have led.
Our cuts bled.
And my hopes have long fled.

They once gaped.
And I, too, many a time asked..
But I saw her.
And I saw me.
It is bursting, immaculate beauty!
That my hands radiate.
Why hold in while..
There is so much of it within?

Look at me.
Can you see you in me?
I am little you.
But one that you put you into.
… I love you.


Photo Cred: Wally.


She suffocated.
Her cheeks were a dreary waterfall.
She sat there on the floor,
looking blankly at the dark,
crawling per the window.
She was drowning in the sea of her crumpling reveries.
Aback, her eyes glared;
she stopped,
her chest heaving.
And it hit her,
right then;
papers were never a good listener.


Photo Credit: Wally.