Your Voice..

Wherever you go do you take.
Your mind in your sole.
Your worlds uphold.
Your soul cries for–
It begs!
Your mind..
It cannot fathom–the abnegation.

You unfold in the same places,
Lose this smile to the same faces …

This is your voice,
Absenting you from reality.

Striving to fill–
Striving to cease.
Vile apertures.
Untold truths.
Do sleep,
Oh, dear I–
Sleep thy depletion..
To peace.
To dignity.
And think not of what will wont.

Your voice.


Photo Cred: Wally.



I will dedicate it to you.
For it is because of you
That I can stand this ground–
No matter what I’m through..
For every debut,
I am dedicating me..
And this life!
To you.
I take the strength to continue
From you,
I will make do
I have to–
For if I ever muddle,
Whose smile will you construe?
The day where you’ll have these eyes to..
Gaze back through!–gaze right through.
Before you finally choke off an adieu!

Photo Cred: wally.

The Self..

The smells will always stay.
Flares their eyes daren’t see
They dart uncontrollably
As earth shakes underneath
From off of craze
Off of abomination!
Borne on heavy, sultry, sickening… !

Death lingers in these corners–
An eternity longer;
A life in anastrophe.

Or want I to believe,
The misery my feet ache–
The days fade on
Lies go on…

Know thyself.
Admitting you knew not what..
All what was vivid–it dimmed
Into silent tongue;
Restless mind
Violent hand–
Poitless strand.

–More friends.
Mort d’un autre–
La mort de l’autre.


Photo Cred: Wally.

Beautiful Textures..

And she told me once
In a whisper,
Faint as her beautiful–
Her beautiful face spoke.. birds–
On a brittle, ever so young day,
You will love someone
Like you’ve loved no one else
Before then.
Tell me,
Before now–
Have you thought of this,
Have you thought of her?–
Of I?
Ever looked him in the eye..
Or in his–A memory of a child,
Of a child, Conscience.
Know I
Whether one will look upon…
The faces which she once was.
The faces which have long gone–


Photo Cred: Wally.

Do You See?

Do you see what I see?

I see crevices in places they shouldn’t be.
I see storms raging in this laid up vicinity.
A dying impetus–reticent laughs, propelling my insanity.

Why only I am wondering
When is my waking..
Is this ever ending?

We sailded upon sealed, devoid envelopes–
Rocks braced over iced slopes.
Ever tied ropes… over tied ropes!

Down to every valley,
Wandering amid stale, encroached alleys.
Wrung hands, deferred fence, with no tally.

These sunberries we feed ourselves..
Reaching over amassed, empty shelves.
Why were we content with treacherous, gossamer halves?

What is?

Do you not see what I see? …


Photo Cred: Wally.


Beneathe insulated cloaks of gloom–
From sought asylums
My lone, blithe soul, I retrieve;
This addendum of mind..
Of I.
Make their tongues bleed to ephemeron–
To eterne!
To desolate death, death..
Make their fingertips quiver upon
Unclad, raving flesh!
Soughs quench pain that is unquenchable …
Thoughts shatter against paltry, wretched walls–
Of wild misery?
He made me..
Of wild misery.
Breathe out the blaring of heinous fallacies–
Into silence.
Her sanctuary,
The noises;
The swollen faces..
Bare the thoughts of dreary
Anew, hitherto.
And see by heart,
What heart nills to see.


Photo Cred: Wally.