It Will Have Been Too Late..

He got there. He could still remember the house. Chairs were put outside for men to sit by the tent.

He rushed inside.

Everyone stared at him.

And how could they not stare at him. He was a mess. A confused, excruciated, distraught mess.

He hurriedly got in, looking for her sister. And, after wandering for a moment, he spotted her sitting somewhere, alone, dumbstruck, looking into the void, her baby in her arms, but it was as though she couldn’t afford to carry him. She looked up at him; she was awaiting his coming. They locked eyes, and his were swollen; he was almost unrecognizable. But then, everyone was.

He rose his hand, as though leaning on a wall. Then he looked around, then back at her. He was crying now. “Where is–where is she”. It was a muffled whisper; he was sobbing, but she wondered whether he really wanted to see her–whether he could see her.

She waited.

“Please… just… ” His eyes were pleading. And he spoke in bits. But, somehow, he was frantic; he looked frail–so, so frail.

“I want to see her,” he finally affirmed.

She slowly got up, tears running down her cheeks. And she led the way. Stumbling up, they got to the room. She opened the door, let him in and left. He was bent, and he sought support in the door handle for a moment, then entered.

Her body lay right there, on a mattress, put in the middle of the room. The room was empty; everything echoed.

Her skin was pale, so pale she looked ember. She was covered in white. Her eyes were shut, and they tied her chin with a cloth to keep her mouth closed.

He looked up, and the view of her struck him. He clumsily advanced the body and knelt down.

He cried and cried till he could no longer breathe. He kept looking at her, and, then, squeezing his eyes shut, bit his fist to deaden his loud, uncontainable sobs; they rang like knives through his heart.

He reached out but could not touch her, as if she were carrying an ailment. His hands kept wavering above her face.

“Why,” he said, gasping for air.


I smiled as my pillows dampened underneath my cheek. I put down the phone beside me and turned around. I closed my eyes, staring at my own darkness to sleep.

“It would have been too late,” I whispered to it.


Photo Cred: Wally


Love Letter..

Love letters to the beloved

Unleashed, untold, unspoken, befolded

Love letters haunt

Love letters, they may feel

One day, they shall heal

Love letters to the dear

To the heart, they are near

Love letters heave

Love letters–to the walls

Never will they be false

Love letters to the eye

With every breath, will it try

Love letters hole

Love letters, they would dye

Always for the soul they shall vie.


Photo Credit: Wally.

The Dam..

As a child, I’d always been fascinated by the dam.. and the river.. and how the water flowed. “How many doors are open now?”, I would ask. And my cousins would go on describing how the water once reached the houses when more than three doors were open, and how scary the dam was when it was full. Water avalanche! The trees disappeared.. and so did the family clusters who’d scatter here and there.. the children running around, cackling and shit. All gone. I’d always pictured us playing ball there and then disappearing slowly, going faint till we vanish, just like in movies. Then I’d think of the fishermen and feel relieved they’re not killing the poor fish for fun anymore.

Now, I always imagine the giant dam walls collapsing. The water destroying the whole village to the tune of Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2. Like, and you can only hear that. Movies always make things easier to imagine, don’t they? Ground splitting in two.. or ten.. or more.. buildings caving in.. everything being washed out.. and people screaming. Sometimes it’s even fun to watch. So I laugh. We all laugh. But then I imagine all that happening in real life. I mean, it certainly will; I just hope I won’t be there to witness it.


Photo Credit: Anthony Da Cruz

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I’m wayyy too late in posting this. It’s exam period and there’s literally no time to do anything at all!! (Including revision 😂) Anyway, to halt any further venting, here it is!

I am immensely delighted and so profoundly honoured to receive a Sunshine Blogger Award nomination for the first time ever. Like ever!

I am so ever grateful to the amazing A Qoder’s Blog for generously and so humbly nominating me. Thank you a zillion times. You’ve enlivened my heart!

To those of you who have no idea about what this is, because I, myself, had no idea about what this is  24 hours ago:

What’s a Sunshine Blogger Award?

A Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers for bringing creativity, positivity and sunshine into the lives of readers. (Taken from A Qoder’s Blog.)

The Rules

•Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.

•Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

•Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

•List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Questions and Answers

1- What can I call you? (real/internet name)

You can call me L.

2- What does it mean?

It’s the initial of my name. But it’s because I love L, or Ryuzaki/Ryuga: a character from the anime “Death Note”.

3- What is your site name?

A Book World! :v Can that be counted as a question, really! 😂

4- What does it mean?

Like.. my blog is a place where you can only find stuff about books and such. And by extention, the book-related stuff and the other random things I write.

5- What is your blog description?

Here it is:

Books make such an amazing world! I’m no writer, but writing is all what passionates me. I love the feel of it.. how the thought builds itself out of words that would travel and befuddle and inspire! 💕 (…) I’m a writing enthusiast. I dream to be a writer. A writer like those who have always inspired me. And in whose books I get lost. But meanwhile I get my feet back to earth, I write anything and everything, and there isn’t one thing that passionates me just as much! In here, you’ll find crazy book reviews, poems, essays, reflections, some stuff that I can’t name yet, 😅 and all sorts of writings! Hope you enjoy! 🙂 (End quote :v)

6- How important is it for you, a blog description?

I think it is pretty important. The About section is one of the first things I check in a blog, simply because one has to know who this person is and what their blog’s about. Through that, one can be more connected with whatever they’ll be reading in that blog. It’ll help them understand their purpose and more or less develop this “special” relationship with the blogger. They’ll have this little space devoted for them in their memory and it’ll sort of ring a bell the next time they read them.

7- When did you start blogging?

Well, technically speaking, I’ve only started blogging about a year ago. But before making my first WordPress blog, I had been publishing on my Bookstagram account a couple of years before that. I had always had this intention of having a blog and putting whatever I write in it. (Instead of forcibly putting up with Instagram’s bloody text restrictions!) Then someone (Thank you, Qais!) inspired me to have a blog on WordPress and voilà!

8- What kind of content do you like to read from a blog? (Music, humor, religion, tech, tips, or something like that, with explanation.)

Pretty everything, really. Especially book-related stuff: reviews, recommendations, analyses, etc. Poems, as well. (Freaking love poems.) Medical and scientific content, too. Fitness/Yoga. Also things about psychology, philosophy, history, culture.. All what’s humanities, quoi. It’s my field of study and just what sums up my preferences as a student.

9- What does ‘like’ mean to you?

Means someone liked the rubbish I’ve just written. 😂

10- What does ‘comment’ mean to you?

Someone has something to say about the rubbish I’ve just written. 😂😂

11- Create a question on your own and answer it!

It was hard to choose but here you go..
What does writing mean to you?

For me, writing isn’t simply scribbling a thought that happened to cross my mind; it’s much, much deeper than that. Writing for me is like talking to someone and knowing they will find the exact right words to comfort you. It’s like always having somebody to talk to. A person who will understand you like no one will. I pour my heart into words and everything feels less difficult to bear. It’s such a powerful thing. How words can carry so much yet so little. How incredible the meanings one can mold with simple words are. And just how refreshing it is when you put that last point, look at it, and take a deep, pacifying breath. I write because I need to, not because I want or like to. And I don’t care how simple or stupid it comes out. It doesn’t need to be perfect; it’s not for anyone but me. And so it’ll always be.


1. Yuulye – A Qoder’s Blog.

2. Qais – The Fictional Indian.

3. ‎Colleen Chesebro – The Fairy Whisperer.

4. F. G. M. – Words in the Light.

5. ‎Raven & Beez.

6. ‎Singledust.

7. Sophia Ismaa Writes.

I can’t wait to read your answers you guys!! Don’t forget to notify me when you do! (And please feel free to ignore the tag in case you don’t have time for this. 😆)

(Couldn’t find more bloggers. Is that okay? 😅 *noob shrink*)


My Questions

1- What does blogging, or writing in general, mean to you?

2- ‎What do you aim at while blogging? (What’s your main purpose?)

3- ‎Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you aspire to be?

4- What do you like and dislike in my blog? (Very important :v)

5- What is your source(s) of inspiration when you write? And who is your number one idol?

6- What’s your favourite book(s) ever? (I put an s ’cause I know the struggle.)

7- If you could ever order a manual about anything in life, what would it be entitled? (Be specific. e.g. How to Be a Better Lover? Or: How to Make Killer Spaghetti?)

8- What is the thing you want to improve in yourself as a person and as a blogger?

9- If there’s something you want to change in the whole world, what will this thing be? (If you have way too many as I’m sure you do, state the ones you really want changed.)

10- If you were ever granted a wish, what will this wish be? (Yes, only one.)

11- ‎Ask a question of your choice and answer it! (Surprise me! LOL.)

12- ‎(Special to Yuulye) What made you nominate me? (Apart from me not having any Award before. 😂)

Thanks for reading if you’ve got till here! XD Here’s an apple. 🍎




Oh, My Star

Have I lost you

In the midst of blinding convictions

And crimson, fierce ambitions

Oh, my burning star.. 

Have I not kept you

Safe from fallacious wishes

And deceitful, lying inventions

Oh, my beautiful star

Am I not aware

Of the things around

Had I known, had I just found

Oh, my fading star

Will I ever find you

Or have I truly.. never had you.. ?

Photo Cred: Elti Meshau