About the blogger..

Books make such an amazing world! I’m no writer, but writing is all what passionates me. I love the feel of it.. how the thought builds itself out of words that would travel and befuddle and inspire! πŸ’•
My name is Latifa Khadidja. I study andΒ love studying English. I love books and all what’s related to that. πŸ’• I’m a writing enthusiast. I dream to be a writer. A writer like those who have always inspired me. And in whose books I get lost. But meanwhile I get my feet back to earth, I write anything and everything, and there isn’t one thing that passionates me just as much! In here, you’ll find crazy book reviews, poems, essays, reflections, some stuff that I can’t name yet, πŸ˜… and all sorts of writings!

Hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚