Who Am I..

I am a small replica.
Speak to me of you..
Of you; I am little you.
Tell me about her.
I am past you.

Can you heed our future?
Ask me; I can.
Read it in these very eyes.

They see right ahead..
Storms that yesterday has fed–
Gusts to which these feet have led.
Our cuts bled.
And my hopes have long fled.

They once gaped.
And I, too, many a time asked..
But I saw her.
And I saw me.
It is bursting, immaculate beauty!
That my hands radiate.
Why hold in while..
There is so much of it within?

Look at me.
Can you see you in me?
I am little you.
But one that you put you into.
… I love you.


Photo Cred: Wally.


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