Love Letter..

Love letters to the beloved

Unleashed, untold, unspoken, befolded

Love letters haunt

Love letters, they may feel

One day, they shall heal

Love letters to the dear

To the heart, they are near

Love letters heave

Love letters–to the walls

Never will they be false

Love letters to the eye

With every breath, will it try

Love letters hole

Love letters, they would dye

Always for the soul they shall vie.


Photo Credit: Wally.


15 thoughts on “Love Letter..”

  1. I received a love letter from my first love about 12 years ago, a birthday gift actually 😁
    After that we agreed to be a junior high school couple 🤣 About two months I had a problem with her ex boyfriend and then she dumped me. About a year ago, I was planning on “finding a wife” since I was more than old enough to be. In coincidence, I had a problem with my phone sim card, I met her. A few moments later, she messaged me with a cute flirting text, after that we sent messages pretty often, one time we texted from evening till morning, it was not weird for me, but not so much for her, she had a husband and a daughter 💕

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that.. 😔 Well, people will always come in and out of our lives, whether they’re partner prospects or mere acquaintances. And the people we one day will be with forever are out there. They’re meant to be ours and us theirs. So, A, no need to worry about it being time for marriage nor about not finding the right person; you will eventually. Everything is written, right? :3 And B, I feel sorry for your ex-gf because she must be unhappy with her current life. May God fulfils her heart.

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      1. The one thing that made me get deeper into religion is this, to be a husband means being Imam in the family. I was rushing, probably my wrong intention. She was someone else’s wife, the last time I checked she wasn’t, divorced, I knew it since the first time we texted again, that there was a problem with the marriage. Well, now for some reason I can’t pursue this, probably because I was rushing, and lust/desire (I don’t know the word, nafs/syahwat in Arabic) 😂 I’m smiling too often, I think I am going crazy

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      2. XD you’re not. It’s good thing, smiling; relaxes your face muscles or something 😂 And yes, I get it. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing that you thought of marriage. I believe it’s quite the opposite. 🙂 And yup, I guessed she will, too. I hope she is alright, though.

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